100 families fled anew due to rido in Datu Piang, Maguindanao

06 August 2010

Datu Piang, Maguindanao – Displacement anew due to fear of being caught between the two warring MILF Commanders here.

At 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon, around 100 families from Barangay Liong fled their homes due to the alleged presence of Commander Abunawas and his men in the area.
Accordingly, the residents moved out from their residence due to fear of a possible encounter between Commander Abunawas and Commander Adzmi who has a long-standing Rido in the area due to land conflict.

This current tension brought by these two rivals is a repeat of what happened last July 12, 2010 displacing more than 100 families from the Barangays of Liong and Balanaken.

Allegedly, displaced residents are currently taking a temporary refuge at the Datu Gumbay Piang Elementary School and Fish Landing Evacuation Center in Barangay Buayan, while, some have fled to nearby Barangays in the town.
Days ago, civilians started moving out from the barangays of Balanaken and Liong to find a safer place to stay-on because of the tension felt due to the presence of the armed men.

The displaced families were temporarily sheltering in Datu Gumbay Elementary School and Gani L. Abpi College Inc. (GLACI3). And there are also some families who decided to stay with their relatives in the Poblacion and nearby area.

Presently, all of the civilians residing in Balanakan and Liong vacated the vicinity of the two opposing groups.# (SJT)

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