Some residents in Aleosan, North Cotabato fled anew

22 July 2010
Aleosan, North Cotabato

Dunguan, ALEOSAN, NORTH COTABATO- Residents of Sitio Risingan in this village fled anew due to series of fire fights between groups of local MILF Commander Hadji Sajid a.k.a kumander Bravo under 105th base command and Municipal Councilor Norodin Ungkay of Aleosan started on July 19 until last night.

Around 80 families fled their homes and farmlands on July 19 when commander Bravo attacked the CAFGU detachment located at the junction in Sitio Manggahan, Barangay Dunguan. These families sought refuge to nearby villages in Sitio San Mateo, barangay Lagunde, Lenugen, and Kolambog in Pikit, adjacent municipality to Aleosan.

Mindanao Tulong Bakwet (MTB) documentation team interviewed residents of Sitio Manili, a hundredmeter away from Sitio Risingan regarding the strife. According to the residents, since the 19th of July commander Bravo and his group have been attacking the detachment of CAFGU in Manggahan. In return, the CAFGUs fired back to Bravo’s group that hit the houses of civilians in the area. These CAFGUs
were apparently the supporters of the municipal councillor Ungkay.

At present, the residents are averse to return home due to unstable condition in the sitio and that commander Bravo and his men were occupying the whole Sitio Risingan.
Residents in Manili already packed their things and ready to flee anytime if the fighting continues.

According to Roqayyah, one of the residents in the Sitio, during night time all residents would have to sleep in two classrooms in Manili as Bravo’s group continue to harass the CAFGU detachment. She said they have to be ready to vacate the place if the strife comes to worst.

One of the MTB construction workers assigned in Risingan said there was a renewed harassment last night that lasted for 10 minutes.

The long standing rido between Councilor Ungkaya and Commander Bravo flared up anew due to stolen carabao which until now the culprits are not yet identified. This rido started for over five years and according to the residents this conflict rooted to territory until such time the retaliations from both side never end.

In 2009, the family of councillor Ungkaya was ambushed allegedly by Bravo’s group that resulted to death of a nine-year old girl and wounded five others including minors.# (SSM)

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