Rido flares-up in Datu Piang wounded four children and two others

12 July 2010
Reigna Regente, Datu Piang

Four children and two other civilians were hit by shrapnels believed to be from 81 mm mortars allegedly fired by one of the warring clans in Barangay Reigna Rgenta, Datu Piang, Maguindanao at around 1: 00 in the afternoon on July 8, 2010 at Sitio Binandal, Brgy. Macasendeg, Pikit North Cotabato.

Mindanao Tulong Bakwet (MTB) documentation team had a chance to interview some of the relatives of the victims attending to them at the Cotabato Regional and Medical Center (CRMC). According to Wahida Sali, mother of one of the victims, around 8:00 in the morning of the same day July 8, 2010 they heard a series of explosions in Barangay Reigna Regente, where there is an ongoing fighting due to “rido” between the forces of Tata Uy and a certain commander Samama is happening.

At around 1: 00 o’clock in the afternoon, while having their siesta inside their house, they heard a sudden explosion of bomb dropped at the river near their house. They immediately ran outside the house to flee from the area and seek some concealment and safe areas to hide. The children along with other civilians ran towards the Mango tree, few meters away from their house but unfortunately, another bomb dropped at the tree followed by a loud blast and they were hit by the shrapnels of the bomb.

Muhamad Abdul died on the spot, Amia Kasim was severely wounded on her right pelvic bone, Laga Laga Kasim was hit in her right abdomen while Muslimin Sali , Fatima, Tukan Abdul and Tutin Pamaloy were slightly wounded on different parts of their bodies.

The victims were immediately brought to the Rural Health Unit of Datu Piang Municipality and received first aid medical assistance. The RHU medical officer discharged the other victims after receiving medical attention aside from Laga Laga Kasim and Amia Kasim that were advised to be delivered to CRMC in Cotabato City for they need a more comprehensive medical attention based on their situation. Amia needs to undergo urgent operation as she is in a critical condition.

On the same day, an ambulance was provided through the help of the Local Government of Datu Piang to deliver the victims to CRMC. Staff from Medicine Sans Frontier (MSF) also facilitated the victims and provided the medicines needed.

To date, Amia Kasim and Laga Laga continuously receiving medical attention for almost five days and still recovering from the traumatic experience they had. According to Wahida Sali, they will no longer return to Sitio Binandal and prefer to transfer in Paidu Pulangi, Pikit, North Cotabato after what had happened because of fear that the same incident might happened again given that the conflict between two warring clans is still ongoing and there is no indications when to end.# (EGM)

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