Eight-year old boy killed in a blast

12 July 2010

Datu Piang, Maguindanao – A loud explosion killed one eight-year old boy and wounding two other children and a school supervisor around 8:10 in the evening at the municipal plaza here.

One of the victims was identified by the Displacement Watch as Nasser Kimpao, a school supervisor in Datu Saudi Ampatuan. Kimpao was driving his motorcycle and passed at the municipal plaza when the incident happened.

The eight-year old boy who died on the spot just followed his father in a restaurant near the blast site but while on their way home riding in a motorcycle the incident took place. The boy immediately died due to severe wounds while his father was not hurt.

At present, the survivors were receiving medical treatment at the private hospital in Datu Piang. The motive of the explosion is not yet identified by the local police.

Meanwhile in Barangay Balanaken, there is an ongoing displacement due to alleged presence of Commander Adzmi of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and his long-time rival Commander Abunawas also of the MILF was reportedly going home to Balanaken. The residents decided to flee due to fear of fighting between the commanders who have been fighting that emanated from land ownership.

The residents from Barangay Balanaken fled to DSUA compound and community in Buayan.# (EGM)

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